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Transforming a Hi-Fi Listening Room: An Acoustic Journey in Seven Parts

Updated: Jul 2

At Corsini Acoustic Solutions, we recently embarked on a comprehensive acoustic treatment project to transform a Hi-Fi listening room into a professional-grade acoustic environment. This five-part series details our journey, highlighting the techniques and products used to achieve remarkable acoustic improvements.

Initial Analysis and Planning

Before starting the installation, we conducted a thorough analysis of the room’s acoustic properties using REW (Room EQ Wizard) and other advanced tools. We identified key issues such as excessive reverberation, uneven frequency response, and prominent ringing frequencies around 50Hz. This detailed analysis allowed us to create a tailored acoustic treatment plan.

Part 1: Installing Siena Sub Trap Corners

Our project began with the installation of Siena Sub Trap Corners. These traps were strategically placed in the room's corners to control low-frequency issues and improve bass response. This setup provided a solid foundation for further acoustic enhancements.

Part 2: FixArt Frame Components with Andrea Absorbers (Ash Grey)

In the second part, we installed FixArt Frame components with Andrea absorbers in an elegant ash grey finish. The modular FixArt Frame allowed us to target specific frequency ranges effectively, enhancing low-frequency absorption and overall sound quality.

Part 3: FixArt Frame Components with Andrea (Ash Grey) and Siena Absorbers (Oak Natura Wood)

Next, we integrated Siena absorbers in an oak natura wood finish into the FixArt Frame alongside the ash grey Andrea absorbers. This combination provided additional low and mid-frequency control, significantly reducing unwanted reverberation and improving the room’s acoustic balance.

Part 4: Ceiling Installation with Andrea Absorbers (Snow White) and Lagos Diffusers (Gloss White)

The ceiling treatment was a crucial aspect of the project. We installed Andrea absorbers in a snow white finish using the FixArt Tube system and ceiling locks for safety including the FixArt Side Cover kits to conceal the FixArt Tubes. Additionally, Lagos diffusers in a gloss white finish were installed to enhance sound diffusion, creating a balanced and immersive listening experience.

Part 5: Acoustic Treatment Design and Results

The final phase involved showcasing the aesthetic transformation. The results were outstanding. Post-treatment analysis showed a significant reduction in reverberation times, controlled bass response, and enhanced clarity and definition across all frequencies.

Part 6: Optimizing Low-Frequency Performance Multi-Subwoofer Setup

Our approach to multi-subwoofer optimization demonstrates the power of strategic placement in achieving superior sound quality.

Key Benefits: Enhanced bass response, improved stereo imaging, reduced room modes, and overall acoustic improvement.

Before and After Analysis comparison

Our before and after graphs clearly illustrate the improvements:

  • Definition and Clarity: The post-treatment graphs show a smooth and consistent frequency response, indicating improved sound clarity.

  • Spectrogram: Reduced energy levels, especially around 50Hz, demonstrate effective control of problematic frequencies.

  • Reverberation Time (T20): Lower and more even reverberation times, resulting in a clearer sound.

  • Waterfall Plot: Shorter decay times across all frequencies, indicating better transient response and reduced resonance.

Part 7: 3D Scanning and Design

Our advanced 3D scanning technology provides accurate measurements and detailed spatial data, allowing us to create precise acoustic designs.


This project showcases the importance of tailored acoustic treatment in achieving professional-grade sound quality. At Corsini Acoustic Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional results through expertise, advanced technology, and a customer-centric approach.

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