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Sound Insulating Door.


The dBA Door 35R is an acoustic door with a wooden sheet finishing. Composed by a tubular metal and bent sheet frame, two 1,5 mm thick steel sheets and a core filled with an absorbent material, this door includes a lock with an asymmetric European cylinder and a “Yale” key and special hinges, which allow vertical adjustments.

Acoustic Door dBA Door PM35R

  • References: 

    • dBA Door PM35R-1/800;
    • dBA Door PM35R-1/850;
    • dBA Door PM35R-1/900;
    • dBA Door PM35R-1/950;

    Typical Applications: Offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, class rooms.

    Extra Features (upon request): 

    • Anti-panic Bar;
    • Standard Viewport (300mm Diam.);
    • Automatic Closing System;
    • Customized RAL Finishing.