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Sound Insulating Door.


dBA Door PM37 is a 44 mm thick acoustic metallic door. It has a double sealed frame all around the edges and a mechanical sealing system to avoid the need for floor moulding on installation.  Besides the tubular metal frame, this door is composed by two 1,5 mm steel sheets with an absorbent core. It includes a lock with an asymmetric European cylinder and a “Yale” key and special hinges to allow vertical adjustments.

Acoustic Door dBA Door PM37

  • References: 

    • dBA Door PM37-1/800;
    • dBA Door PM37-1/850;
    • dBA Door PM37-1/900;
    • dBA Door PM37-1/950;

    Typical Applications: Offices, technical rooms, machine compartments, hotel rooms, class rooms.

    Extra Features (upon request): 

    • Anti-panic Bar;
    • Standard Viewport (300mm Diam.);
    • Automatic Closing System.