Versatile and high-performance solution at an affordable cost.


Inspired by our patented Fixart tube system, we developed the Agad mobile wall for our Pro Audio market, from musicians to sound mixers. The need for portable sound treatment is ever increasing, be it for a portable studio, to treat that one remaining doorway, or for configurable rooms and auditoriums, Agad Mobile Wall does just this. The mobile wall is created with 3 Agad absorber panels, giving you a lightweight, versatile and high performance solution at an affordable cost.



Agad Mobile Wall

  • Features:

    1Box Pack  ( 640 x 385 x 640 mm)  

      - Quantity: 2 wall x 3 Agad absorber panels

      - Wall Size: 1850 x 600 mm   

      Box Weight: 15,90 Kg

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