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Kalahari is a high performance acoustic absorber, crafted from wood using the same patented Artnovion technology that brought about the Sahara panel.
Kalahari has an elegant tessellated pattern, designed to meld seamlessly across rooms. Kalahari is especially efficient at refection control, providing valuable scattering along with absorption.
The Kalahari absorber is available In a selection of sizes in lacquered and metallic finishes, available in 2 sizes in 2 orientations.

Kalahari’s secret lies in its organic pattern, allowing you to increase the absorbative areas and change the morphology of the diffusing ridges, producing a panel truly tailor-made to your needs.



Kalahari Wood Absorber

  • Features:

    Type: Absorber


    Absortion Range: 350 Hz to 4000 Hz

    Acoustic Class: C | (aw) = 0,87

    Recommended for

    - Hi-Fi Listening Room

    - Media Room

    - Home Cinema

    - Living Room


    Available fire rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Lacquered HMDF
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam

    Range | Dimensions:
    Kalahari - Absorber
    - 595x595x66mm
    - Equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receiver

    Kalahari Doble V - Absorber
    - 595x1190x66mm
    - Equipped with six M6 Screw Thread receiver

    Kalahari Doble H - Absorber
    - 1190x595x66mm
    - Equipped with eigth M6 Screw Thread receiver
  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

  • Fixing Systems:

    Fixing Systems



    Wall & Ceiling

    + FixArt - Tube
    + FixArt Clip
    + GlueArt



    + FixArt Cloud



    + FixArt Tube Lock
    + FixArt Connect

  • Availability:

    Every product and colour is a custom order product. Not every colour is in stock at all times. Please contact us for delivery timeframes.

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