Phase 1, analysis in remote:

1 - Room modes
2 - First 20 eigenfrequencies
3 - 3D visualization of maximum and minimum pressure zones
4 - RT60 prediction, RT60 criteria and target based on room purpose and volume
5 - Sabins needed for absorption area
6 - Speaker placements configurations
7 - 2D room rays and reflections prediction
8 - Room Simulation and Modal resonances prediction and optimisation

Phase 2, on-site analysis:

1 - Speaker and Sub-woofer SPL Calibration and Positioning
2 - Room Frequency Response Measurement and Analysis
2 - RT60 and Acoustic Descriptors C50-C80, D50
3 - Real Time Analyser RTA
5 - Waterfall
6 - Spectrogram

A full analytic report will be provided including:
1 - Acoustic Treatment Options and Recommendation
2 - Bass traps and absorbers calculation for targeted RT60
3 - Floor/Ceiling reflection calculation
4 - SBIR Speaker boundary interference response
5 - 3D Room Visualisation

Phase 3 (Optional):
Room Correction with EQ Filters application based on impulse response measurement (For this service is an extra $150).
It consists in a wav file loaded in a convolution reverb plugin as the last plugin on your master chain to correct the room freq response.
(This correction only works when the room has been properly acoustically treated)

Room Acoustic Analysis

$200.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
  • Additional Info

    CORSINI offers an advanced approach to acoustic room analysis for any type of room whether is a music studio, recording room, control room, mixing or mastering studio, home theatre, hifi listening room, gaming room and the like.

    Acoustic analysis requires a set of skills, tools and expertise in the field. Any non-professional attempt can result in incorrect analysis, misinterpretation of data, wasting energy, time and money on improper or inefficient acoustic treatments failing to optimise your room acoustics.
    Corsini provides a free initial consult. Simply fill in our form here and we will assess the information provided and reply back as soon as we can.

    Services provided:
    1 - Room Acoustic Analysis (in remote). We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis. If you haven’t    please fill the form here.
    2 - Room Acoustic Analysis (on-site). If you reside in QLD, one of our technician will come and assess your room.  We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis.
    3 - FIR ( Finite Impulse Response Filters ). This is a service dedicated to Music studios, Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Studios and the like. We will provide a Frequency Impulse Response stereo file. This file will need to be inserted as the last plugin in your DAW usually in your master channel. Usually every DAW has a convolution reverb plugin where you can load an impulse response file. The filters contained in the file will serve to correct all peaks and troughs of the frequency response of your room in order to have the smoothest and flattest frequency response possible.
    This service is in no way a substitute of a proper acoustic analysis and treatment and it is recommended after the room has been treated.

    Please refer to the images provided for reference.

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