Key features:

 - Room modes
 - First 20 eigenfrequencies
 - 3D visualization of maximum and minimum pressure zones
 - RT60 prediction, RT60 criteria and target based on room purpose and volume
 - Sabins needed for absorption area
 - Speaker placements configurations
 - 2D room rays and reflections prediction
 - Room Simulation and Modal resonances prediction and optimisation
 - Speaker and Sub-woofer SPL Calibration and Positioning
 - Room Frequency Response Measurement and Analysis
 - RT60 and Acoustic Descriptors C50-C80, D50
 - Real Time Analyser RTA
 - Waterfall
 - Spectrogram

A full analytic report will be provided including:
 - Acoustic Treatment Options and Recommendation
 - Bass traps and absorbers calculation for targeted RT60
 - Floor/Ceiling reflection calculation
 - SBIR Speaker boundary interference response
 - 3D Room Visualisation

Components of the analysis and reports will vary depending on function and purpose of the room, room type and analysis required.

Price for an analysis starting at $560.


The Off-site + On-site analysis includes a free 3D scan of your room used during the design process of your acoustic treatment recommendation.

Room Acoustic Analysis

PriceFrom $299.00
  • Additional Info

    CORSINI offers an advanced approach to acoustic room analysis for any type of room whether is a music studio, recording room, control room, mixing or mastering studio, home theatre, hifi listening room, gaming room and the like.

    Acoustic analysis requires a set of skills, tools and expertise in the field. Any non-professional attempt can result in incorrect analysis, misinterpretation of data, wasting energy, time and money on improper or inefficient acoustic treatments failing to optimise your room acoustics.
    Corsini provides a free initial consult. Simply fill in our form here and we will assess the information provided and reply back as soon as we can.

    Services provided:

    1 - Room Acoustic Analysis (in remote). We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on calculated data and analysis. If you haven’t please fill the form here.

    2 - Room Acoustic Analysis (on-site). If you reside in QLD, one of our technician will come and assess your room.  We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis.

    This analysis  also includes a 3D scan of your room for modeling and assessment.

    If you require we do travel interstate, price based on application.

    3 - Room Frequency Response Correction. This is a service dedicated to Music studios, Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Studios and the like. We recommend using Sonarworks Reference 4.
    This service is in no way a substitute of a proper acoustic analysis and treatment and it is recommended after the room has been treated.


    Price for a remote + on-site analysis starting at $560.

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