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Sound Insulating Door.


Soundproofing Acoustic Door dBA PM43Re is in metal finish, supplied with a double seal surround with an incorporated sealant system. Without lower threshold, door is equipped with an internal threshold sealing mechanism.Made from sheet steel with a dual chamber multilayer absorbent core.Fitted with a European-style cylinder with a Yale type lock.

Soundproofing Acoustic Door dBA PM43Re

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  • General Specifications


    - Single and Double leaf versions available
    - RW = 46dB

    Accessories (under consultation):

    - Anti-panic Bar
    - Circular Viewport (300mm Diameter)
    - Automatic Closing System


    Recommended for

    - Offices
    - Classrooms
    - Hotel rooms
    - Meeting rooms
    - Rooms where high levels of acoustic isolation are required


    General Specifications:

    - dBA Door PM43Re-1/700 (Single-leaf)
    - dBA Door PM43Re-1/800 (Single-leaf)
    - dBA Door PM43Re-1/900 (Single-leaf)
    - dBA Door PM43Re-2/1400 (Double-leaf)
    - dBA Door PM43Re-2/1600 (Double-leaf)
    - dBA Door PM43Re-2/1800 (Double-leaf)
  • Technical Information

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