Acoustic Room Analysis

CORSINI offers an advanced approach to acoustic room analysis for any type of room whether is a music studio, recording room, control room, mixing or mastering studio, home theatre, hifi listening room, gaming room, orchestral halls, auditoriums, offices, commercial premises, meeting rooms and the like.

Acoustic analysis requires a set of skills, tools and expertise in the field. Any non-professional attempt can result in incorrect analysis, misinterpretation of data, wasting energy, time and money on improper or inefficient acoustic treatments failing to optimize your room acoustics.
CORSINI provides a free initial consult. Simply fill in our form here and we will assess the information provided and reply back as soon as we can.

Services provided:

1 - Room Acoustic Analysis (in remote). We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on calculated data and analysis. If you haven’t please fill the form here.

2 - Room Acoustic Analysis (on-site). If you reside in QLD, one of our technician will come and assess your room.  We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis.

This analysis also includes a 3D scan of your room for modeling and assessment. (3D Scan conversion to CAD file for 3D design is not included and it's priced at $2 per m² approx.)

If you require we do travel interstate, price based on application.

3 - Room Frequency Response Correction. This is a service dedicated to Music studios, Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Studios and the like. We recommend using Sonarworks Reference SoundID.
This service is in no way a substitute of a proper acoustic analysis and treatment, and it is recommended after the room has been treated.


Price for a remote + on-site analysis starting at $560.

If you are outside Queensland we can also guide you step by step for your room analysis and provide us the data for computation. Price On Application.

Room correction through FIR filters
Predicted frequency response FIR
Room Acoustic Simulation
Waterfall graph without treatment
RT60 without acoustic treatment
Room clarity and definition
2SA Room Modes