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Acoustic Room Analysis

CORSINI offers an advanced approach to acoustic room analysis for any type of room whether is a music studio, recording room, control room, mixing or mastering studio, home theatre, hifi listening room, gaming room, orchestral halls, auditoriums, offices, commercial premises, meeting rooms and the like. 

Acoustic analysis is the process to measure the acoustic behaviour of a room when the sound reproduction occurs. When done properly it gives an accurate assessment of how audio reproduction will sound within a room. One of our technicians will come and assess your room.  We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis.

Acoustic analysis also includes a 3D scan of your room for modelling and assessment.

Acoustic analysis requires a set of skills, tools and expertise in the field. Any non-professional attempt can result in incorrect analysis, misinterpretation of data, wasting energy, time and money on improper or inefficient acoustic treatments failing to optimize your room acoustics.

Room Analysis key features:


  • Room modes pre-calculation

  • 3D visualization of maximum and minimum pressure zones

  • RT60 criteria and target based on room purpose and volume

  • Sabins needed for absorption area

  • Speaker placements configurations

  • Room Frequency Response Measurement and Analysis

  • RT60 and Acoustic Descriptors C50-C80, D50

  • Real Time Analyser RTA

  • Waterfall

  • Spectrogram

  • Floor/Ceiling bounce

  • SBIR Speaker boundary interference response

  • Acoustic Treatment Options and Recommendation

  • Bass traps and absorbers calculation for targeted RT60

(Components of the analysis and report will vary depending on function and purpose of the room, room type, equipment and type of analysis required).

We travel interstate. Price on application.

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