Acoustic Treatment

Art and science of acoustically treating a room to enhance frequency response, sound balance and listening experience.


Construction and building practices to seal a room from unwanted external noise and to stop or reduce the sound transmission going out to adjacent rooms. Essentially creating a quiet space.

Bass Traps

Essentially thick acoustic panels that convert bass freq energy into heat. Very useful in production, mixing and mastering rooms to control low frequencies.


Essentially the most common acoustic panels to absorb mid to high frequencies to reduce echoes, reverberation and improve frequency response, speech clarity and overall sound balance.


As the name suggests they are used to diffuse sound, scatter and break frequencies to help with room resonances, modal ringing and enlarging your listening sweet spot for a more immerse and broader listening experience.

Acoustic Room Analysis

Capturing the behaviour and frequency response of an environment or room using analytical tools such as: reference microphones, decibel meters, acoustic measuring softwares and so forth.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are for walls mainly, ceiling tiles are for ceiling, clouds and baffles are panels hanging from the ceiling; all aiming to reduce reverberation times, echoes and improve speech clarity and tonal balance.

Acoustic Wall Panelling

Wall panelling and surfaces in the architecture category are mainly wooden panels for commercial premises, business meeting rooms, lounges, foyers.