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Acoustic Assessment Form

At CORSINI, we offer complimentary initial acoustic assessments for your acoustic treatment or soundproofing projects.

Please note:

The requirements for creating a precise 3D design vary based on the room type, project specifics, and the acoustic treatment needed. In some cases, photos alone may suffice, but this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For a more accurate assessment, we may require the floor plans of your space. If floor plans are not available, an on-site inspection will be necessary. This service is priced based on location, and we also charge a fee of $3.5 per square meter for converting our 3D scans to CAD files for architectural drawings.

Request an acoustic consultation by filling in the form below:

Room Type:

Room Dimensions

Treatment Request:

Improving Sound Quality

Creating a Sound Barrier

Level of Intervention

Construction Materials

Design Preferences

Please upload images, drawings and floor plans of your space if you have them:

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Feel free to email with queries.

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