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Acoustic Services

Corsini offers a range of acoustic services to get the most out of your sound treatments and sound system setup. We are here to help you from start to finish. Our expert acoustic consultants can help you chose the best options for your needs through state of the art scanning and analysis software. 

CORSINI provides initial acoustic assessments for your project. We provide consultations using state of the art sound analysis technology for your acoustic treatment or soundproofing project. Register for your consultation here.

3D Scanning

Room 3D Scan service to optimise client's 3D visualizations of their projects. This is a free service included with our Room Acoustic Analysis and Low Frequency Optimisation or you can contact us for a quote. 

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Acoustic Analysis

Acoustic analysis is the process to measure the acoustic behaviour of a room when the sound reproduction occurs. When done properly it gives an accurate assessment of how audio reproduction will sound within a room. One of our technicians will come and assess your room.  We will provide a full room assessment, acoustic report and acoustic treatment recommendation based on real data and analysis.

Acoustic analysis also includes a 3D scan of your room for modelling and assessment.

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Low Frequency Optimisation

Multiple subwoofer assessment & Low Frequency Optimisation is the process of measuring low and sub frequency modal behaviour of a room. We analyse the low-frequency spectrum which includes low and sub frequencies and we use multi-sub placement technique to change the modal response of the room.  One of our technician will analyse your room with up to 4 subwoofers for the assessment.

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Acoustic Panel Installation

Whilst our acoustic solutions and the application of most of our acoustic products and materials can be satisfactorily handled by the experienced DIY enthusiast, anyone who prefers the services of a qualified and experienced installer can choose to use our competitive installation service.

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Corsini Acoustic services audio technician assessment using state of the art sound analysis technology
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