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Sound Insulating Door.


The Soundproofing Acoustic Door dBA PM49 ia an acoustic metallic Door with 85 mm of thickness, including the frame all around the edge. It is composed by a heavy core and two absorbent chambers totally filled with M0 classification fire retardant material. This door has an integrated manual opening/closing system with a allaround double sealing profile.

Soundproofing Acoustic Door dBA PM49

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  • References: 

    • dBA Door PM49-1/700;
    • dBA Door PM49-1/800;
    • dBA Door PM49-1/900;
    • dBA Door PM49-2/1400 (Double-leaf);
    • dBA Door PM49-2/1600 (Double-leaf);
    • dBA Door PM49-2/1800 (Double-leaf);

    Materials: Metal

    Typical Applications: Recording studios, movie theaters, auditoriums, machine rooms and multiple industrial situations where the idea is to achieve high levels of sound insulation. 

    Extra Features (upon request): 

    • Anti-panic Bar;
    • Standard Viewport (300mm Diam.);
    • Floor Moulding Replacement (automatically sealing system);
    • Lock with Key.