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Disinfectable | Cleanable | Antimicrobial | Anti-fungal | Anti-odour.


Noise in healthcare facilities is a well know problem with serious consequences.
Acoustic levels in today’s hospitals are the highest ever documented and have a tremendous impact on the privacy, comfort and stress levels of patients and staff. Even in well-being spaces, such as gyms, pools or spas; acoustic comfort plays a huge role in how beneficial and enjoyable our experience is.

Troy is an efficient fabric absorber panel, with high-performance levels reaching down to the 315 Hz region. Troy's outer frame encloses all sides of the panel, that also has a simple, integrated fixing system, that installs the panel flush to the surface, which make this panel a perfect choice for ceiling and wall applications.


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged operational standards for all sectors of the economy.
Infection control has always been a concern, particularly for Healthcare and Wellbeing Environments, but now, every industry faces the need for solutions that help ensure a “Covid-safe” workplace.

Traditionally, infection control is carried out through the use of antimicrobial materials with bactericide and fungicide properties that prevent these microorganisms to proliferate and create colonies on the treated surfaces.
Viruses present a different challenge as they do not proliferate by themselves on inert surfaces. Instead, viruses rest on surfaces waiting for a new host to inadvertently touch them and put them in contact with any mucosa where they will infect the host and use his cells to replicate and to thrive.
For this reason, besides the regular antimicrobial protection, the best way to defend against the new Covid-19 threat, is to regularly clean all the exposed surfaces with disinfectant products.

Artnovion’s MEDLINE-Cleanable products are made of antimicrobial materials which provide protection against all other agents and can also be cleaned with COVID-19 killing disinfectants.

Our faux leather finishes have an antimicrobial treatment, formed by incorporated metal ions, that convey the ability to break down bacterial cell walls, creating an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odour surface. These surface treatments also endure thorough and regular cleaning with COVID-19 killing disinfectants, which is the best way to prevent viral transmission.

The surfaces of acoustical equipment need to be perforated, allowing for sound waves to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption. Surface resting pathogens are eliminated by the outer surface’s antimicrobial treatment and by regular disinfection. As the inner perforation surfaces are not reachable and cannot be touch, the perforation holes do not contribute to any pathogenic agent transmission.



Troy Med CL SQR - Absorber

Fire Rates:
  • Features:

    Units per box: 8


    Absorption Range:
    315 Hz to 4000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    B | (aw) = 0,80



    - Noise Control

    - RT reduction

    - Flutter echo control

    - Reducing excessive reverberation

    - Improving speech intelligibility


    Recommended for


    - Intensive Care Units
    - Emergency Rooms

    - Medical Private Rooms

    - Medical Consultation Offices

    - Medical Wards

    - Medical Ward Corridors

    - Waiting Rooms

    - Receptions



    - Private Rooms

    - Consultation Rooms

    - Locker-Rooms

    - Massage Rooms

    - Waiting Rooms

    - Receptions


    Available Fire Rate:
    FR | Fire Rated

    - Acoustic Antimicrobial & Cleanable Faux Leather
    - Fire Retardant HMDF structural frame
    - Sound PET absorption layer

    Range | Dimensions:
    Troy Med CL SQR - Absorber | 595x595x45mm
    Troy Med CL RCT - Absorber | 595x1190x45mm

    This panel is installed with an integrated fixing system, hung on screws.

  • Cleaning Instructions

  • Alternative Fixing System:

    FixArt-Clip compatible.

    + FixArt Clip


    FixArt -Tube compatible.

    + FixArt - Tube
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