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Improving aesthetics and acoustics of ceilings around the world.


The Athos Artnovion ceiling tile range is the perfect acoustic solution to apply on any T-frame grid system. This product line features adapted versions of the panel designs you love, all fully compatible with public building regulations and available in 4 different sizes – two for metric sized (M) and two for imperial sized (I) grid structures. Our ceiling tiles provide a simple, fast installation procedure in multiple environments such as shopping centers, offices, clinics and waiting rooms.

Athos - Ceiling Tile | Range

  • Features:

    Athos SQR, RCT - Units per box: 5




    Absorption Range:

    350 Hz to 3150 Hz

    Acoustic Class:

    C | (aw) = 0,7



    - RT Reduction

    - Improving speech intelligibility

    - High frequency absorption


    Recommended for

    - Office

    - Hospitality

    - Public Spaces

    - Conference Room

    - Auditorium


    This product is available in the following Fire Rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade
    FR | Fire Rated


    Athos | Natural Wood Veneer | Lacquered HMDF (FG)
    - Natural Wood Veneer | Lacquered HMDF
    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B

    Athos | Natural Wood Veener | Lacquered Fire Retardant HMDF (FR)
    - Natural Wood Veneer | Lacquered Fire Retardant HMDF
    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B


    Range | Dimensions:
    Metric Ceiling Grid - 600x600mm/ 600x1200mm

    (FG) Athos SQR - Ceiling Tile | 595x595x38mm
    (FR) Athos SQR - Ceiling Tile | 595x595x39mm
    (FG) Athos RCT - Ceiling Tile | 595x1190x38mm
    (FR) Athos RCT - Ceiling Tile | 595x1190x39mm

    Imperial Ceiling Grid - 2x2’’/ 2x4’’
    (FG) Athos SQR I - Ceiling Tile | 605x605x38mm
    (FR) Athos SQR I - Ceiling Tile | 605x605x39mm
    (FG) Athos RCT I - Ceiling Tile | 605x1210x38mm
    (FR) Athos RCT I - Ceiling Tile | 605x1210x39mm


  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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  • Finish Disclaimer:

    Due to natural variations which occur in composite wood, such as graining, texture and colour, no guarantee can be made of an exact match of our Raw finished to the product icon, or between panels themselves. These products are made from stained wood, that work off the natural characteristics of wood, meaning slight variations in colour and graining may occur between samples and the panels.

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