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Floating Floor Pad.


The dBA FP-Rubber is a anti-vibration elastic pad. It can be used as a point support/mount for equipments like air-compressors, pumps or generators to prevent their working vibrational noise from passing to the surrounding structures. In construction environments, it is used as a decoupler for floating floors. They can be installed in multiple layers with the use of steel plate in-between, in order to reduce the natural frequency down to 4 Hz.

dBA FP-Rubber

  • General Specifications


    • dBA FP-Rubber Red
    • dBA FP-Rubber Blue
    • dBA FP-Rubber Grey
    • dBA FP-Rubber Yellow
    • dBA FP-Rubber Green
    • dBA FP-Rubber Beige

    Materials: Special Rubber Compound / Neoprene

    Instalation: Mechanical 

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