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Logan is a premium solution for sound field control.


Logan Diffuser is designed using a two-dimensional QRD pattern, that is carefully calibrated to provide diffusion over a large bandwidth, given the precise width and depth of the integrated surface treatment. The scattering begins at 400 Hz and goes up to 4000 Hz with an even 3D scattering response.
Logan is a high quality, high performance solution for broadcasting, auditoriums, concert halls and music rooms. Made from premium materials and available in several finishes, Logan is a premium solution for sound field control.


Why use diffusion?
Diffuser panels scattering incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves, scattered over a large area. These scattered reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a more uniform, larger sweet spot.

Logan AE - Diffuser