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The Basic Series.


The  Quintav Studio Desk is part of the Sessiondesk Basic Series bringing back the beauty of minimalistic design to your studio. Made of POLIPLEX, a Sessiondesk trademarked material, the range is available in a selection of beautiful and durable natural wood finishes. With 18 rack units, the basic series has all the space you need to create your perfectly organised and ergonomic workspace. Find inspiration directly from your desk.


All of our Basic Series desks provide 18 units of rack space. You can place your speakers directly on the upper shelves.


POLIPLEX is a high grade material, provided exclusively by SESSIONDESK. Its flawless surface is highly durable and contrasts beautifully with the visible wooden elements of the edges and drilling holes.


  • Flexible screen

    Oktav and Gustav's middle parts can be easily adjusted in height so that the screen always is in perfectly ergonomic position.


  • Intelligent cable ducts

    Every upper segment provides cable ducts for your convenient cabling. Besides is an adequate ventilation of your outboard gear guaranteed.


  • Easy build-up

    The self-explaining architecture of the Sessiondesk Basic Series desks makes them easy and fast to build up.


  • Reduced aesthetics

    In the clear lines and designed reduction, you see what you get. Another proof that less sometimes is more.

Quintav Studio Desk

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