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A new league of acoustic treatment.

A sustainable material with exceptional acoustic properties.


Sahara is a hybrid acoustic panel, with a high-performance acoustic core covered with a beautiful diffuser front. Hybrid panels such as Sahara decrease reverberation time whilst also improving sound field distribution, the perfect combination for wall-to-wall solutions.

Sahara panelling is made from select sustainable woods and a recycled PET core.

The panelling range has a simple discreet installation system that allows for quick mounting and easy maintenance.

Sahara - Panelling

  • Units per box: 1



    Absorption Range:
    315 Hz to 5000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    C | (aw) = 0,7


    - RT reduction
    - Improving speech intelligibility
    - Flutter echo control
    - Reducing excessive reverberation


    Recommended for

    - Offices

    - Conference Rooms

    - Meeting Rooms

    - Auditoriums

    - Restaurants

    Carbon positive Natural Wood - Carefully selected wood from controlled, sustainable sources.

    Recycled PET absorption - Class 1 product according to the OEKO-TEX@ Standard 100.

    This product is available in the following Fire Rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade
    FR | Fire Rated



    Sahara | Lacquered Finished HMDF (FG)
    - Lacquered Finished HMDF
    - Marine Grade Plywood Structural Frame
    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B

    Sahara | Lacquered Fire Retardant HMDF (FR)
    - Lacquered Finished Fire Retardant HMDF
    - Fire Retardant HMDF Structural Frame
    - Sound PET Acoustic Core - Euro Class B

    The panelling range is installed to battens that can be installed onto any type of surface. If you want to conceal the sides of the installation use Metal Side Covers


    FG | 800x1184x42mm
    FR | 800x1184x42mm