A freestanding solution for state-of-the-art low frequency control.


If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to improve your Hi-Fi system’s low frequency response, Artnovion’s new Mobile Bass Trap Kit is the perfect solution. Available with 2 or 3 of our patented tuneable bass traps, this new freestanding solution allows you to place the panels anywhere in your room and gives you complete freedom to move them whenever and wherever you need to. 


Artnovion’s new bass trap mobile wall kit is dedicated to hi-fi enthusiasts that are looking for a less invasive low-frequency treatment. Installing our tuneable membrane bass traps on this freestanding support allows you to place the products anywhere in your room and keeps you from having to screw or glue anything on its surfaces.



Siena Mobile Wall Kit - Bass Trap Corner

Mobile Kit Base Color
  • Features:

    Each Pack contains 1 Mobile Wall Bass Trap Corner with a Black or White finish. Each Mobile Wall includes 3 units of Siena - Bass Trap Corner.

    1KIT = ( 3 Siena Bass trap Corner + 1 Mobile Wall Bass Trap Corner ) | 1,8 meters High

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