A distinctive and highly efficient absorber.

Stealth Line.


Sparta is an acoustic panel with a simple design, that provides a broadband absorption range.
Sparta is aimed for people who want to maintain neutral aesthetics in their home cinema, but require a proper acoustic solution.
Sparta is an acoustic panel with a simple design fashioned for an absorption treatment range from 350 Hz up to 8000 Hz.


The new Artnovion Stealth line of acoustic products are easy-to-use tools for unimpeded acoustic design. This range of acoustic treatment solutions allows you to seamlessly incorporate and cover speakers, cabling, and all the acoustic treatment a home cinema requires, all behind a continuous fabric front, simplifying many aspects of a home cinema install.

The Artnovion home cinema Stealth Line brings a new approach to seamlessly incorporating absorber, diffusers and speakers into cinema design.

Goes with Lagos Fabric Diffuser



Sparta - Absorber

Fabric Finish
  • Features:

    Units per box: 4



    Absorption Range:
    350 Hz to 8000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    B | (aw) = 0,95



    - Improved speech intelligibility 

    - Noise control

    - Reducing excessive reverberation


    Recommended for

    - Home Cinema

    - Home Theater 

    - Media Room 

    - Living Room


    Available fire rate:

    FG | Furniture Grade



    - Acoustic fabric

    - Structural frame

    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam.


    Integrated fixing system already incorporated on the panel. This panel can be rotated 90º to any orientation.

    Installation template included.



    FG - SF | 1190x595x60mm | 3.38 Kg

    FG - WF | 1190x595x60mm | 3.38 Kg

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