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The session desk modular system.


Sessiondesk modular system gives you the possibility to easily change your desk configuration. Just add new parts to expand your workspace. The modular systems are shaped of lining wood originally used for building indestructible flight-cases.
The Trapez Studio Desk is the classic recording desk, giving you total access to every mixing gear without leaving the sweet spot between your speakers.


  • Get in Control

It is turning your room full of equipment into a studio, providing you the full control of your recording hardware without making you leave your sweet-spot.


  • The End of Messy Cables

The Trapez' intelligent architecture provides cable ducts keeping it clean and visually tempting from every angle. The slots in its back wall are not only creating a diffusion effect but provide the necessary ventilation for your installed recording gear.


  • Clear View - Clear Sound

The lowered computer screens offer a free view through the window of your recording booth and no obstruction between you and your far-field monitoring. The Trapez is therefore the optimal solution for working with surround.


  • Choose your size

It is available in 3 different sizes. The front edge of the middle part is either 60, 80, or 100cm wide. A keyboard drawer every size is optionally available.

Trapez Studio Desk

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  • Features:

    Studio desk


    Recommended for:

    - Control Room

    - Recording Room

    - Home Studio

    - Broadcast Studio

    - Mixing & Mastering Room

    - Music Production



    Keyboard drawer optionally available

    Trapez-060 | 2420x920x1140mm
    Trapez-080 | 2620x920x1140mm
    Trapez-100 | 2820x920x1140mm

  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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