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Portable Solution


Inspired by our patented Fixart tube system, we developed the Tua mobile wall for our Pro Audio market, from musicians to sound mixers. The need for portable sound 
treatment is ever increasing, be it for a portable studio, to treat that one remaining doorway, or for configurable rooms and auditoriums, Tua Mobile Wall does just this. The mobile wall is created with 3 Tua absorber panels, giving you a lightweight, versatile and high-performance solution at an affordable cost. (Patent P.)


1Box Pack (640 x 200 x 655 mm)

  - Quantity: 1 wall x 3 Tua absorber panels (595 x 595 x 45 mm)

  - Wall Size: 1850 x 600 mm


Performance regulated by wall distance


Tua Mobile Wall 3.1

  • Pack Info 1 Box : 

     Wall Size: 1850 x 600 mm

    Quantity: 1 wall x 3 Tua absorber panels

    Box Size: 640 x 200 x 655 mm | Box Weight: 8.2Kg

    Performance Regulated by wall distance




    - First reflection Control

    - RT reduction

    - Flutter echo control

    - Reducing excessive reverberation

    - Improving speech intelligibility


    Recommended for

    - Hi-Fi Listening Room

    - Media Room

    - Home Cinema

    - Living Room


    Available fire rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Acoustic fabric
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