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Jan Morel Signature Line.

Speaker Stand designed for your audio masterpieces


Artnovion Speaker Stand originated from a joint effort of 3 of the best companies in their respective fields: Designed by Jan Morel, engineered by Sessiondesk and manufactured by Artnovion, the Vector Speaker Stand is a brand new addition to our vast range of acoustic solutions for your room.
Vector Speaker Stand is more than a simple stand, It is equipped with Superspikes that provide incomparable stability and support, and a VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap) core, an innovative way to control room modes, utilising a carefully calibrated combination of foam densities, taking advantage of layout of the speaker stand stands in high velocity zones.


Vector Speaker Stand

PriceFrom $1,499.00
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  • Features:

    Units per box: 1



    - Adjustable Height Stand Decouplers
    - Hidden Cable Management
    - Integrated acoustic treatment
    - Acoustically optimised design


    Speaker stand

    Recommended for:

    - Control Room

    - Recording Room

    - Home Studio

    - Broadcast Studio

    - Mixing & Mastering Room

    - Music Production



    Recording, mastering and Songwriting 



    Vector Stand | 367x494x955mm

    Plate dimensions are: width 246mm and length 380mm.


    Made of the highest quality wood and high-performance foam on the interior, the Vector Speaker Stand is the reason you were waiting for to redesign of your room. VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap)

    The synergy
    Jan Morel’s, Sessiondesk, and Artnovion

    Designed by Jan Morel, with the highly advanced technology of Sessiondesk and acoustic knowledge of Artnovion, Vector Stand is just perfect in every aspect.

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