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Jan Morel Signature Line

Elevate your music production with a desk built for your creative flow


The Antares Mastering Studio Desk is the latest in studio furniture, combining an ergonomically optimised design with acoustic performance.
The desk is equipped with a high performance acoustic core, built with calibrated combination of foam densities in its core, that balance the reverberation response of your room.
The Antares Mastering Desk was designed with a studio setup in mind, with a dedicated screen area, and a lower and broad area for the keyboard and mixing gear, all with built-in cable management. The desk fully customisable in terms of finishes, with a large range of premium wood, fabric and metallic options.

Antares Mastering Studio Desk

PriceFrom $8,999.00
Inquire for leading time
  • Type:
    Mastering Desk



    - Acoustically optimised surfaces
    - Ergonomic Design
    - Built-in Monitor Shelf
    - Hidden Cable Management



    - Mastering Room


    Recommended for

    Mastering rooms


    Available Finishes:

    (FG - D) Finishes

    Preset 1 - Gloss White | Grey Aluminium | Pure White | Ink Black

    Preset 2 - Noir Vintage | Bronze | Schwarz | Snow White

    Preset 3 - Noir Vintage | Noir Vintage | Pure White | Snow White

    Preset 4 - Graphite Black | Bronze | Schwarz | Snow White

    Preset 5 - Metallic White | Grey Aluminium | Pure White | Ink Black