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Jan Morel Signature line.

Absorption Coefficient.


Antares absorber is the latest addition to the Jan morel product lineup. It is the culmination of precise engineering with the creative mindset of Jan Morel - resulting in a deviantly intense powerhouse of a panel.
The tapered slots of the panel create balanced mid-range absorption, whilst the panels’ deceptively large absorption area guarantees high performance high frequency absorption. Antares absorber is the perfect tool to tune your studios’ acoustics.


For color/finish customisation please visit:

Antares W - Absorber

Antares W - Absorber

  • Units per box: 8



    Recommended for:
    Studios | Recording rooms

    Absorption range:
    315 Hz to 5000Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    C | (αw) = 0,7


    Mid-High absorption

    Available Fire Rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    FG | 595x595x58mm


    Four M6 Screw Thread receiver

    included on each panel.

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