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Jan Morel Signature Line

Elevate your Music


Introducing the Antares Music Producer Desk, a signature Jan Morel design crafted to be the core of your studio. Beyond its impeccable aesthetics and premium finishes lies meticulous ergonomic design, smart cable management, and acoustically optimized surfaces. Its concealed acoustic core enhances low-frequency control, raising the desk to a new level. Built on a sleek steel structure with customizable finishes, it seamlessly integrates into your studio design, maximizing functionality and style.

Antares Music Producer Desk

PriceFrom $9,769.00
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  • Type:
    Studio Desk



    - Acoustically optimised surfaces
    - Ergonomic Design
    - Decoupled Monitor Supports
    - Hidden Cable Management


    Recommended for:

    - Control Room

    - Recording Room

    - Home Studio

    - Broadcast Studio

    - Mixing & Mastering Room

    - Music Production


    FG - D | 2100x800x850mm

    VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap)
    The Antares desk is equipped with VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap) core, an innovative way to control room modes, utilizing a carefully calibrated combination of foam densities, taking advantage of layout of the Antares desk in high-velocity zones.

    The synergy
    Jan Morel’s, Sessiondesk, and Artnovion