New fine-tuning possibilities. Outstanding tuneable performance

The Corner bass trap is the latest in low frequency absorption. This elegant panel integrates a tuneable membrane over a sealed volume, containing a high performance acoustic core. A secondary posterior compartment positions a high density velocity core in the high pressure zone of the room. The panel is completely tuneable, by means of an adjustable weighted membrane, allowing to pin-point the performance of the panel to a target frequency.

The panels' tuneable membrane works in a similar way to a speaker cone, allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. A central mass is supported by an elastic membrane - This mass can then be altered to change the resonant frequency of the membrane, stepping the peak performance of the Trap from 58 to 82 Hz.

The front of the panels clips in to the bass trap body, leaving easy access to the membrane.

The design of these acoustic cores creates a trap with unprecedented performance and unique calibration – Absorbing more - and from a lower frequency - than anything else on the market.

The Corner Bass Trap will be available in all standard panel fronts. The front of the panels clips in to the bass trap body, leaving easy access to the membrane. The panel is installed on wall corners, with a simple cleat system.

Making the most of our new membrane technology employed in the Sub Trap range, we are launching an improved version of our bass trap HP.

Artnovion Corner BassTrap takes a new approach on absorption, using a new membrane technology akin to a speaker cone, suspended a calibrated mass on an elastic surround - allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. A further feature is the possibility to precisely tune the membrane to resonate at your desired frequency by simply adding or removing mass from the membrane.

The Corner Bass Trap is composed of 2 independent cavities - 1 sealed volumed equipped with independent, tuneable diaphragmatic membranes (TPDA), and an additional acoustic core packed with a high performance porous absorber (VABT). This configuration is designed to bring you the best performance possible, with pressure and velocity sensitive cores exposed to the correct modal areas.



Azteka Bass Trap Corner

  • Features:

    Units per box: 2

    - Tuneable Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber (TPDA)

    Tuneable absorption range:
    - 58Hz to 82Hz.
    - Hz-by-Hz fine tuning
    - High Efficiency Bass Trap


    - Room mode control
    - Bass ratio control
    - Low frequency RT reduction
    - Improving low frequency response
    - Reducing low frequency time decay


    Recommended for

    - Control Room
    - Recording Room
    - Home Studio
    - Broadcast Studio

    - Production Room
    - Drum Room



    Tuneable weighted diafragmatic membrane

    Tuneable absorption range: 58Hz to 82Hz.

    .Tuneable weighted diafragmatic membrane
    .Hz-by-Hz fine tuning
    .New fine-tuning possibilities.

    - Acoustic fabric* | Natural Wood veener | Lacquered HMDF | Solid  Wood
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam

    This panels can only be installed on vertical wall corners. Not for ceiling use.

    Dimensions: 595x595x156mm

    Performance - Use the Corner Bass Trap performance chart to estimate the number of units required to achieve different dB reduction levels in certain room sizes.

    Efficiency - For maximum efficiency, Corner Bass Trap units should always be installed in the pressure zone of the room mode you wish to treat.


  • Recommended fixing system:

    +Integrated Fixing System

    +Kit Mobile Wall

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