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A millenary inspiration.


Azteka acoustic panels were designed to reduce standing waves and preventing them from filtering, drastically improving speech clarity. Azteka's performance begins at 315 Hz and offers effective and even absorption up to 3150 Hz. Azteka is an impressive combination of unique Artnovion acoustic design with high-performance acoustical cores. Azteka panels can be effortlessly installed on walls or ceilings.

Azteka W - Absorber | Range

  • Features:

    Azteka - Units per box: 8

    Azteka Doble Units per box: 4



    Acoustic Absorber

    Absorption range: 315 Hz to 5000Hz
    Acoustic Class: C | (αw) = 0,7



    - Sweet spot sound field distribution
    - RT reduction


    Recommended for

    - Control Room
    - Recording Room
    - Home Studio
    - Broadcast Studio
    - Vocal Booth
    - Drum Room

    Available fire rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade



    - Natural wood | Lacquered HMDF
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam

    Four M6 Screw Thread receiver included on each panel.


    Azteka - Absorber | 595x595x55mm
    - Equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receiver

    Azteka Doble - Absorber | 595x1190x55mm
    - Equipped with six M6 Screw Thread receiver

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  • Disclaimer:

    1. When using FixArt Tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt Lock security device. This system guarantees a safe and precise installation. Artnovion is not liable for any damage caused by improper use of FixArt Tube.
    2. Products with natural wood finishes may have slight differences in tonality, due to normal variations of natural wood.

  • Finish Disclaimer:

    Due to natural variations which occur in composite wood, such as graining, texture and colour, no guarantee can be made of an exact match of our Raw finished to the product icon, or between panels themselves. These products are made from stained wood, that work off the natural characteristics of wood, meaning slight variations in colour and graining may occur between samples and the panels.

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