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T.P.D.A. - Artnovion technology (Tunable Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber)

The ultimate combination of performance and finesse.


Low frequency control is the foundation of acoustic treatment.
Strong modal frequencies can be the make-or-break of many rooms, often uncontrollable without altering room structure.

Enter the Sub Trap - a new approach on low frequency control - a fine-tuneable device with unprecedented performance.
The Sub Trap is a new category of acosutic treatment, targetting the sub-bass frequency range. It boasts the highest absorption coefficient per volume on the market.
It employs Artnovion's latest membrane technology - a symbiosis of precision engineering and material science - creating a device that can be precisely calibrate to work at the exact resonant frequency of a space. T.P.D.A.

The Sub Trap is composed of 4 independent cavities - 3 sealed volumed equipped with independent, tuneable diaphragmatic membranes (T.P.D.A.), and an additional acoustic core packed with a high performance porous absorber (V.A.B.T.). This configuration is designed to bring you the best performance possible, with pressure and velocity sensitive cores exposed to the correct modal areas.


Outstanding tuneable performance. Issues under 60Hz are common, and can be tricky to solve. Usually structural alterations - such as lowering ceilings, or dedicating huge portions of the room to bass trapping are required.

Here enters the Sub Trap, Artnovion’s latest addition gives you the chance to keep your home as it is - and tune it to exactly what you need – with a panel that attenuate room modes from as low as 40Hz.
The panel takes a new approach on absorption, using a new membrane technology akin to a speaker cone, suspended a calibrated mass on an elastic surround - allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. A further feature is the possibility to precisely tune the membrane to resonate at your desired frequency by simply adding or removing mass from the membrane.

The design of these acoustic cores creates a trap with unprecedented performance and unique calibration – Absorbing more, and starting at a lower frequency, than anything else on the market. And that isn’t all – the Sub Trap has 3 of them. T.P.D.A. - Artnovion technology.

The exterior of this colossal panel is clad in exqusite hand-crafted wooden grills, available in select finishes.

For more information on TPDA technology, check out our file downloads.

Eiger Sub Trap - Corner

  • Units per box: 1


    T.P.D.A. - Artnovion technology
    Tuneable Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber

    Tuneable absorption range: 40 to 60 Hz
    - Hz-by-Hz peak absorption tuning
    - Triple Pressure acoustic core + Velocity core
    - High Efficiency Bass Trap



    - Room mode control
    - Bass ratio control
    - Low frequency RT reduction
    - Improving low frequency response
    - Reducing low frequency time decay


    Recommended for

    - Vertical Wall Corner
    - Small Room Acoustics
    - Acoustic pressure zones

    - Reducing low frequency time decay


    Available fire rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Natural Wood veener | Solid Wood
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam


    Eiger Sub Trap - Corner
    - 736x892x437mm

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