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Instant Fix Kit is a kit designed to facilitate fixing panels using Glueart 2.0.


Panels are fixed using a combination of extra-strong double sided adhesive, that secure even heavier panels in place whilst the adhesive dries.


GlueArt is made from E-SBR, and specifically designed to bond our acoustic panels. SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) is a polymer with superior adhesive efficiency; in comparison with other products on the market it presents a higher durability, reduced shrinkage, increased flexibility and is resistant to emulsification in damp conditions. It is suitable for a vast range of surfaces, including cement, painted surfaces, stone, wallpaper, plasterboard, wood, chipboard, PVC, expanded plastic, mineral fibres and metal.


Our new GlueArt formula has several improvements over the previous version:

- Glues faster
- Bonds perfectly with EPS (Myron diffuser) and foam
- Humidity proof
- Adheres to virtually any surface
- Non-flammable and non-irritant to skin. Does not release harmful vapours.
- Has double the tack force of our previous GlueArt formula.
- It glues Myron diffusers almost instantly.
- Even though it will be necessary to initially support our heavier panels it is possible to glue any Artnovion panel with our new GlueArt
- Installs 30% more panels per tube of glue than the previous version.

Instant Fix Kit System

  • 1. The surface must be clean, dry, and free of grease.

    2. Apply extra-strong double sided adhesive on the panel.
    3. Apply the adhesive to the back of the panel with a sealant gun. If applying to an extremely irregular surface, apply adhesive to both the panel and the target surface.
    4. Place the panel on the wall in the correct position and apply pressure.

    Install the panel within 10 minutes after applying the glue. Heavier panels require additional support until the adhesive has cured.
    Avoid making any adjustments to the panel after gluing, as this may reduce the glue force. The cure time depends on the layer thickness, temperature, and air humidity.


    Each Kit contains 3 tubes and 96
    double sided adhesive strips.

    The Kit installs either 8 standard panels (595x595mm)  or 16 dimi panels (595x297mm).

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