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Portable Solution.


Inspired by our Pro Audio market, from musicians to sound mixers. The need for portable sound treatment is ever-increasing, be it for a portable studio, to treat that one remaining doorway, or for configurable rooms and auditoriums, Helen Mobile Wall does just this.

Our high-quality Helen absorbers are perfect balance between performance and classical design. Transform any space into a Hi-Fi room, or create an artificial wall for your 1st reflection control. Using our patented FixArt System, optimised for transportability and space, Helen Mobile Wall is a welcome addition to any space.

Helen Mobile Wall Kit

  • Features:

    Pack Info 1 Box : 

        - Wall Size: 1815 x 600 mm

        - Quantity: 1 mobile wall kit

        - 3 x Helen Absorber panels (595 x 595 x 58 mm) 

        - Box size: 640 x 188 x 640 mm 


        - Box Weight: 8,10 Kg*

    Performance Regulated by wall distance



    Absorption Range:
    350 Hz to 5000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    B | (aw) = 0,85



    - First reflection Control

    - RT reduction

    - Flutter echo control

    - Reducing excessive reverberation

    - Improving speech intelligibility


    Recommended for

    - Hi-Fi Listening Room

    - Media Room

    - Home Cinema

    - Living Room


    Available fire rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Acoustic fabric
  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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