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A simple solution for productive home offices.


Using this mobile walls equipped with our high-performance acoustic absorbers can reduce the room’s reverberation time and lower background noise - giving you more privacy and creating a buffer from the rest of the room or house.
This sort of environment not only benefits your productivity and focus but also improves sound quality and intelligibility in webinars or web-meetings, for you and for the rest of your team.

Mobile Home Office Kit

  • Features:

    2 towers of 3 panels


    Absorption Range:
    350 Hz to 5000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    B | (aw) = 0,85


    - First reflection Control

    - RT reduction

    - Flutter echo control

    - Reducing excessive reverberation

    - Improving speech intelligibility

    Recommended for

    - Hi-Fi Listening Room

    - Media Room

    - Home Cinema

    - Living Room


    Available fire rate:
    FG | Furniture Grade

    - Calibrated cell acoustic foam
    - Marine grade plywood structural frame
    - Acoustic fabric

    Helen - Absorber | 595x595x55mm
    - Equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receiver
  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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