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Symmetry and efficiency on a low cost acoustic treatment.


This Music Studio Design Standard Package is designed for music producers, musicians and professionals for a variety of listening environments such as: recording rooms, mixing & mastering studios, production studios etc..


Thor is a versatile solution for the Pro Audio market. Made entirely of high-performance foam, with a great finish, Thor is perfect for home recording studios and mixing rooms.


An array of Orion absorbers create areas with a distinct acoustic response, each calibrated to work at a certain frequency range. Using these Helmholtz-style absorption techniques boosts mid-low and mid rage absorption, whilst the open areas of the panel are enough to guarantee high-frequency absorption.


In spaces like recording control rooms, sound mastering rooms or other high fidelity listening environments where the sound quality is critical, controlling the bandwidth of diffusion is a priority. Myron E is the perfect solution.


The Agad Bass Trap, made entirely of foam, aims to treat the lower reflection problems in your room, within 70 Hz and 350 Hz.


Proposed Panels:
Panel: Thor - Foam
Finishes Material : Foam
Quantity: 2 boxes

Panel: Orion - Raw White
Finishes Material : Wood
Quantity: 1 box

Panel: Myron E - Bianco
Finishes Material : EPS
Quantity: 3 boxes

Panel: Agad BT - Foam
Finishes Material : Foam
Quantity: 4 boxes

Proposed Fixing Systems:

FixArt Tube Double Plastic 1 box
GlueArt 4 units

Desk and Speaker Stands also available

Home Studio Package - Standard

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