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Unlock better acoustics with expertly crafted design.


Designed with a precise 7mm spacing between slats and an acoustic PET layer, Siena K not only offers a visually appealing aesthetic but also plays a crucial role in elevating your audio experience.
By specifically absorbing mid and high frequencies, it improves speech intelligibility, making conversations clearer and more enjoyable. Additionally, the wooden slatted front incorporates slats of various widths, determined by a unique algorithm developed by Artnovion. This unique design diffuses sound waves, ensuring an even distribution of reflected sound energy across different frequencies and angles. This translates to a healthier environment throughout the working space.

Siena K is made using sustainably sourced wood over a recycled PET core.
Available in wooden finishes over dark PET.

Siena K | Range

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  • Features:


    Absorption Range:
    800 Hz to 5000 Hz | NRC 0,60

    Acoustic Class:
    Class D



     - RT reduction
    - Improving speech intelligibility
    - Flutter echo control
    - Reducing excessive reverberation 


    Recommended for

    - Offices
    - Conference Rooms
    - Meeting Rooms
    - Auditoriums
    - Restaurants 

    Recycled PET absorption - Class 1 product according to the OEKO-TEX@ Standard 100.

    This product is available in the following Fire Rates:
    FG | Furniture Grade
    FR | Fire Rated


    Siena K | Natural Wood Veneer (FG)
    - Natural Wood Veneer
    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B

    Siena K | Natural Wood Veneer (FR)
    - Natural Wood Veneer
    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B


    Range Dimensions:
    FG | Siena K 24 | 605x2400x21mm
    FR | Siena K 24 | 605x2400x27mm

    FG | Siena K 27 | 605x2700x21mm
    FR | Siena K 27 | 605x2700x27mm


    When installing Siena K on the ceiling,the use of battens along with adhesive and screws is mandatory.
  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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    Due to natural variations which occur in composite wood, such as graining, texture and colour, no guarantee can be made of an exact match of our Raw finished to the product icon, or between panels themselves. These products are made from stained wood, that work off the natural characteristics of wood, meaning slight variations in colour and graining may occur between samples and the panels.

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