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Acoustic Products & Installation

Corsini is an acoustic specialist providing acoustic treatments, sound analysis and acoustic solutions for residential and commercial premises.  We provide acoustic assessments and solutions for new builds, renovations as well as DIY home kits. 

From setting up your private studio or home cinema to full professional recording fit-out, and medical or other commercial and residential soundproofing and insulation options.

We provide post-construction installation as well as acoustic assessment and integrated systems during the construction process for the highest quality, professional-level noise cancellation. Our products help shape your acoustic environment through panelling, sound blankets, insulated tiles and a huge variety of anti-vibration and noise cancellation options.

Not sure which option you're looking for? Click here for a glossary to help you choose.

Artnovion Acoustic Range
ARTNOVION CINEMA SERIES Valley CS Acoustic Treatment with purple lighting for your home cinema

Home Cinema & Media Rooms

The Artnovion Cinema Series is flexible and beautiful. It can be adapted to a wide variety of environments and tailored into multifunctional designs

Different elements can be connected in a variety of geometric patterns to generate unpredictable and (a)symmetric designs using a discreet modular installation system. This modular system uses four different wooden cores: an Absorber, Diffuser, Bass Trap, and Speaker options. Each provides distinct functionality while keeping the same design.

 HiFi & Living Room

The Artnovion Hi-Fi & Living Room range is designed to improve the acoustics of our everyday surroundings, be it a residential setting, a home cinema, or a critical listening room.

With top of the line anti-vibrational systems, absorbers, diffusers and panel fixing systems that not only create the world's best acousitc experience, but look stylish and classy, out Artnovion Residential & Hi Fi range is a must see. 

Sub Trap Eiger - HiFi & Living Room Acoustic Treatments by Corsini
Medical & Healthcare Acoustic Treatments by Corsini

Medical and Healthcare

Medical-grade, antibacterial acoustic solutions provide soundproofing and sound cancelling options for hospitals, beauty spas, and other medical clinics. Artnovion has developed a new product line designed to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare and well-being environments. Acoustic quality in these environments can be critical to the functionality of the space – but is most often not possible due to the very stringent criteria that apply to these spaces. Now there is a solution, combining high-performance acoustic solutions with the latest in antimicrobial material science.

Pro-Audio & Studio

Artnovion’s Pro Audio & Studio range was created to satisfy the needs of the music and entertainment industry. People from all over the world unite to dedicate themselves to the challenges of the sound and music industry, tackling the needs of musicians and audio professionals. Artnovion has developed a comprehensive range of acoustic panels for absorption, diffusion and low frequency treatment; that can be used to create specific acoustic treatments for spaces such as broadcasting, recording, and post-production studios. Different environment require specific treatments, with this range we want to help construct your perfect solution.

ProAudio & Studio Acoustic Treatments by Corsini
Logan AE - Diffuser - Architecture and Engineering Acoustic Treatments by Corsini

Architecture & Engineering

The Architecture & Engineering range of acoustic treatment solutions offers distinct technical and aesthetically approaches to cater for the particular needs of commercial and public spaces, addressing their performance, design and safety requirements. From creating sleek offices to magnificent auditoriums, cutting edge material science for healthcare environments or reducing factory noise levels, this range comprises a selection of premium tools for architects, designers and engineers to elegantly incorporate acoustic treatment into their designs and sculpt perfectly sounding environments.

Why we use Artnovion


Carefully selected materials

33% Space Optimisation

Interlocking foam design

20% Increased Performance

Extended Surface Area

Anti-Warping Technology

Unique frame design

Fire Safety

Available in fire rated versions (FR)

Fast Installation

Easy to install, adjust and remove

Studio Furniture
Acoustic Assessment & Analysis

Studio Furniture

Right tools can lead to the perfect outcome. In fields such as pro audio production environment, recording, mixing or mastering rooms, broadcasting facilities, your studio desk can play a huge role in performance and workflow.

Sessiondesk and Artnovion provide practical and acoustically optimized studio furniture.

A studio table should be a worthy centerpiece for any audio working space, big or small. Your speaker stands shouldn't change your precious speaker signal, and your gear always should be in reach and inside your sweet spot.

We are professionals in building custom solutions, so if you have special requirements for your working area, please feel free to contact us.

Our range of desks confer careful ergonomic design, clever cable management, acoustically optimized surfaces and concealed acoustic cores that brings these desks to a whole new level, with the dual purpose of adding to your rooms low frequency control

Vector Rack.jpg

Acoustic Room Assessments

CORSINI offers an advanced approach to acoustic room analysis for any type of room whether is a music studio, recording room, control room, mixing or mastering studio, home theatre, hifi listening room, gaming room and the like.

Acoustic analysis requires a set of skills, tools and expertise in the field. Any non-professional attempt can result in incorrect analysis, misinterpretation of data, wasting energy, time and money on improper or inefficient acoustic treatments failing to optimise your room acoustics.
Corsini provides a free initial consult. 

Acoustic room analysis using specialised state of the art technology with CORSINI acoustic
3d scan.png

3D Scanning Service

3D Laser scanning and Measurement. 3D laser scanning delivers cost effective 3D measurement and modelling using high accuracy equipment with mm precision. Data can be converted to mesh files or directly imported and modelled in most CAD tools. 3D CAD Modelling will provide an accurate parametric/solid model for design. 3D spacial data captured with laser scanning and you significantly lower costs overall and reduce the risk of something not fitting or clashing during construction or installation. Costly mistakes like this can be avoided.


Quotes are on a free and no-obligation basis. We travel interstate as well. Price on application.

Multiple Subwoofer  assessment
& low frequency Optimisation

Multiple subwoofer assessment & Low Frequency Optimisation is the process of measuring low and sub frequency modal behaviour of a room. We analyse the low-frequency spectrum which includes low and sub frequencies and we use multi-sub placement technique to change the modal response of the room.  One of our technician will analyse your room with up to 4 subwoofers for the assessment.


Bass frequency range accounts for as much as 20% of our judgement of sound quality which means that bass frequencies represent a really large part of how we perceive the sound of a room and it’s really important in home theatres, hi-fi listening rooms, gaming rooms and so forth.

Multiple Subwoofers assessment and acoustic analysis
Room Correction & Software

Sonarworks soundid Reference

Finally you can work with confidence on the setup you have. Sonarworks Reference SoundID removes unwanted colouration from your studio speakers and headphones, so you can trust that you hear your mix accurately.

Reference SoundID Studio Edition offers the full package of highly powerful software, providing consistent reference sound, both in the studio and on the go. You can also measure your studio with the included mic, in only 10 minutes. Reference SoundID then creates a calibration profile.

For headphones, select a pre-made profile and you're ready to go. Calibration can be run in DAW via plugin for lowest latency or via Systemwide for maximum versatility.

Sonarworks soundID reference software
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