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Heavy Mass Layer.


The dBA UL-EPDM is an EPDM based heavy mass sound barrier. It can be used independently or incorporated into a multi-layered construction scheme. Due to its thinness, it is easily integrated or fitted in building layers (floor, ceiling or wall). Therefor, this product offers a significant weight increase with little space occupation, while improving the structure's overall sound insulation.

It is also know as: mass loaded vinyl, impact barrier flooring underlayment, rubber underlayment soundproofing, acoustic floor underlayment, sound proofing damping underlay, rubber acoustic underlay, sound insulation underlayment, Acoustic Underlay, and so forth.



Sound Control Underlayment is used during the installation of timber flooring where the noisetransmission must be reduced and as a subfloor in new and renovation construction projects. Reduces impact noise and vibrations while reducing airborne sound transmission. Acoustic floor underlayment is great under hardwood, ceramic or carpet.

Cork underlayment soundproofing is largely adopted in public and private sector places such as disco ballrooms, gymnasiums, factory workshops, home cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls, library, interrogation room, gallery, auction hall, gymnasium, lecture hall, multipurpose hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, school, piano room, conference room, studio, recording room, KTV rooms, bars, industrial plants, etc.

The demand for an acoustic floor underlay in residential living projects is increasing,

the vibrating-absorption acoustic cork underlayment can hugely reduce noise coming from vibration.


  • General Specifications

    Reference: dBA US-Cork

    Materials: Cork and Recycled Polyurethane 

    Installation: Chemical

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