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Versatile absorption for the harshest environments.


Moritz is a durable, semi-rigid closed-cell foam. It has an internal honeycomb-like structure that grants it exceptional performance.
It is used to reduce reverberation or create a noise barrier in practically any type of environment, from high humidity areas such as swimming pools or outdoor spaces, to the most extreme high wear situations that require resistance to most chemicals and solvents, commonly found in healthcare environments or the manufacturing and service industries. Moritz is integrally fire retardant.
Moritz Ceiling Tile can be reversed to expose either an open-cell structure, that boosts high-frequency absorption, or closed-cell structure, for when the panel needs to be easily cleanable.
Moritz is lightweight and self-supporting. It is easily installed above standard metric T-frame grids.

Moritz - Ceiling Tile | Range

  • Features:

    Moritz SQR - Units per box: 10

    Moritz RCT - Units per box: 6


    Type: Absorber

    Absorption Range:
    350 Hz to 5000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    C | (aw) = 0,70


    - RT reduction

    - Improving speech intelligibility

    - High-frequency absorption

    - Reducing excessive reverberation


    Recommended for

    - Industrial noise control

    - Sanitary or harsh environments

    - High humidity environments

    - Outdoor spaces


    This product is available in the following Fire Rate:
    FR | Fire Rated*



    Moritz | Polyethelene Foam (FR)
    - Closed Cell | Open Cell
    - Euroclass B s1,d0


    Range Dimensions:
    Moritz SQR | 595x595x40mm
    Metric Ceiling Gird | 600x600mm

    Moritz RCT | 595x1190x40mm
    Metric Ceiling Gird | 600x1200mm
  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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