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Acoustic Treatment in Swimming pools

Noise Control in indoor swimming pools

Swimming pools are well-known to be some of the most difficult spaces to treat acoustically.

As the source of sound generated by people swimming, playing, shouting, instructors holding classes builds up, the background noise starts to reach uncomfortable volume levels.

Hard surfaces present in indoor swimming pools such as concrete floors, tiles, ceilings and hard walls allow sound reflections to bounce continuously between walls creating unpleasant and long echoes and reverberation times.

Swimming pools & leisure centres should provide a more quiet and safer environment for hosting swimming meets, swim classes, or simple recreational enjoyment for the swimmers, an acoustic environment that allows people to enjoy their leisure time in peace,

Our Moritz Panelling is the perfect solution for swimming pool noise reduction treatments.

Acoustic Washable Foam. Moritz is a durable, semi-rigid closed-cell foam. It has an internal honeycomb-like structure that grants it exceptional performance. It is used to reduce reverberation or create a noise barrier in practically any type of environment, from high humidity areas such as swimming pools or outdoor spaces, to the most extreme high wear situations that require resistance to most chemicals and solvents, commonly found in healthcare environments or the manufacturing and service industries. Moritz is integrally fire retardant. Moritz panelling can be reversed to expose either an open-cell structure, that boosts high-frequency absorption, or closed-cell structure, for when the panel needs to be easily cleanable. Moritz is lightweight and self-supporting. It is easily installed with fasteners or adhesive and can be cut to size on site.

Controlling Swimming Pool Noise

At CORSINI we take acoustic analysis very seriously, we use the latest technology and software to calculate, forecast and plan your acoustic treatment.

the goal of swimming pool acoustic treatment, is to target and reduce reverberation time (RT60) to comfortable levels in order to reduce the generated echoes in the room.

The key to success is to not under treat your environment and make sure that the applied acoustic treatment will bring values to acceptable ranges and levels.

How to Reduce Echoes in swimming pools

Acoustic Baffles and Ceiling Tiles are the key to improve the sound quality within your indoor pool and to lower the level of ambient echo.

Reducing background noise results in greater improvements of reverberation times RT60 and also to sound descriptors known as Clarity (C50, C80) and Definition (D50) which are directly related to speech clarity.

The end result will be a more friendly and pleasant swimming environment.

Swimming pool acoustics installations

Sound-absorbing ceiling tiles

Moritz Panelling can be easily applied on the ceiling using our GlueArt 2.0

Specifically designed to bond to acoustic foam and EPS.

GlueArt 2.0 is a polymer-based glue, specifically designed to bond to acoustic foam and EPS. POP is a polymer with superior adhesive efficiency, with double the initial tack of the GlueArt 1.0. it presents higher durability, faster bonding, and is completely humidity-resistant. It is applicable on a vast range of surfaces, including cement, painted surfaces, stone, wallpaper, plasterboard, wood, chipboard, PVC, expanded plastic, mineral fibres and metal. It is also resistant from -40 to 90ºC.GlueArt 2.0 is especially easy to use, gluing lighter panels such as Myron E practically instantly. Heavier panels, although requiring initial support, start to bond after just 10 minutes, bonding with a safety factor of over 10. GlueArt is made from E-SBR, and specifically designed to bond our acoustic panels. SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) is a polymer with superior adhesive efficiency; in comparison with other products on the market it presents a higher durability, reduced shrinkage, increased flexibility and is resistant to emulsification in damp conditions.

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