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Sustainable acoustics for distinctive ceilings.

Improving aesthetics and acoustics of ceilings around the world.


Aura Fabric is made from recycled PET, a sustainable material with exceptional acoustic properties. This ceiling tile range offers a choice of quality acoustic fabric finishes.
These minimalistic lightweight panels drop easily on standard European ceiling grids, granting fast and effortless installation.

Aura Fabric | Range

  • Features:

    Aura F SQR - Units per box: 15

    Aura F RCT - Units per box: 10



    Absorption Range:
    315 Hz to 4000 Hz

    Acoustic Class:
    A | (aw) = 0,9



    - RT Reduction

    - Improving speech intelligibility

    - High-frequency absorption


    Recommended for

    - Office

    - Hospitality

    - Public Spaces

    - Conference Room

    - Auditorium


    Recycled PET absorption - Class 1 product according to the OEKO-TEX@ Standard 100.

    This product is available in the following Fire Rates:

    FG | Furniture Grade

    FR | Fire Rated



    Aura F - Ceiling Tile | Suede Fabric Finishes (FG)

    - Suede Acoustic Fabric

    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B


    Aura F - Ceiling Tile | Twill Fabric Finishes (FR & COVID-19 Safe)

    - Twill Acoustic Fabric - COVID-19 Safe

    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B


    Aura F - Ceiling Tile | Felted Fabric Finishes (FR)

    - Felted Acoustic Fabric

    - Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B


    Range | Dimensions:

    Aura F SQR | 595x595x20mm *

    Metric Ceiling Gird | 600x600mm


    * also available for imperial sized ceiling grids, upon request.


    Aura F RCT | 595x1190x20mm

    Metric Ceiling Gird | 600x1200mm


    The PET core is a material made entirely from recycled PET plastic, that undergoes an environmentally-friendly transformation process into the non-woven acoustic core we use in this panel. To keep this process as efficient as possible, the thickness of the product may vary slightly (±3mm).

  • Installation & Technical File Downloads

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